Peace of Mind is Priceless

NoVa Cats Rest Assured offers one simple flat-rate policy, no matter your age, or  your cat's age. 
Plan Benefits:
  • Freedom from worry over your cat's future without you;
  • Your cat is guaranteed a spot with us when you need it;
  • One-on-one attentive TLC for your cat;
  • A vetted and well-matched home for your cat, no matter how long it takes;
  • PLUS complimentary cageless boarding during your plan coverage!

year-to-year coverage

  • A guaranteed home for your cat, as soon as needed
  • 7 days complimentary boarding per year, a value of  ~$280 per cat!  
  • Cancel at any time 
  • Price for 2nd & 3rd cat is 50% off
  • Payment schedule for one cat as follows:  $2000 1st year, $500 each year thereafter.
Give yourself peace of mind
/per day
over 2 years, pay annually
Contact us to go over any questions you may have.   
Frequently Asked Questions